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This weekly financial newsletter provides a concise review of global markets.

I’m an Engineer and CFA Charterholder from Vancouver, BC. I entered financial markets in 1999, have been active on FinTwit since 2011, and became a full-time trader in 2016.

I strive to catch the big market trends while remaining simple, objective, and noise-free. I’m not a day trader. And there is no bullish or bearish bias but rather an assessment of the best risk/reward trading opportunities.  

There's a risk in not taking defined risks.

My trading strategy on a napkin:

  1. Patience is an edge. The big money is made catching trends that last months to years.

  2. Momentum is a powerful market anomaly. I often align myself with leadership.

  3. Price has memory. I identify key levels on price charts for managing risk and taking profits. Price bars on weekly or longer timeframes reduce noise, and horizontal lines minimize bias.  

  4. Intermarket analysis & ‘Smart-money’ data help strengthen trade ideas.

  5. Position sizing & diversification help reduce drawdowns and volatility.


You can learn more about my trading approach and journey here:

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In March ‘23, I introduced a paid tier for this blog. Members get:

  1. A weekly market review where I tell a concise story about global markets, present the best trade ideas, and provide trading education. All posts before Mar 26, 2023, are free to sample.

  2. Access to a private Twitter feed where I share portfolio positions, exclusive charts, and interact with members throughout the week. I also post occasionally on my public Twitter account @alphacharts.  

In 2017, Howard Lindzon put me on his “Who I follow” list, and in late 2020, JC Parets recommended that I start this blog.

So consider putting me on your team of all-star analysts for $40 per month or $400 per year (USD). Let me do some of the heavy lifting and guiding.


Brian G

Important DisclaimerThis blog is for educational purposes only. I am not a financial advisor and nothing I post is investment advice. The securities I discuss are considered highly risky, so do your due diligence.

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Catch the big trends and keep it simple. Not investment advice.